Album Review GRAVEYARD GHOUL Slaughtered – Defiled – Dismembered


GRAVEYARD GHOUL – “Slaughtered – Defiled – Dismembered”

GFY Productions

The German epitome of raw and rude death metal music is back with this new album. And they didn’t moved from initial style: this is a crude form of creepy death metal full of rancid guitars, cathartic moments and rawness.

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Album Review VULTURES VENGEANCE Where the Time Dwelt In


VULTURES VENGEANCE “Where the Time Dwelt In”

Gates of Hell Records

Great! Traditional heavy metal genre never gets too old, and after listening to these Italian guys I’m convinced that new blood keeps the flame alive, literally speaking.

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Album Review ASTARIUM Epoch of Tyrants

Astarium cover artwork

ASTARIUM “Epoch of Tyrants”

More Hate Productions

This Russian entity is been active since 2006 or something, and has a very prolific discography of demos, split productions, and full length albums. It’s nothing less than melodic black metal with incisive keyboards and tons of musical arrangements.

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Album Review ARKANA CODE Brutal Conflict

Arkana Code cover art

ARKANA CODE “Brutal Conflict”

Metal Scrap Records

This is a good death metal album with high octane arrangements and very complex structures. Coming from Italy, these guys released a demo in 2010 before this debut full length, but seems like they practiced hours and hours behind rehearsal room.

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Album Review DOOMED Anna

Doomed cover artwork


Solitude Productions

Finally I found a strong candidate for my list of best releases I reviewed in 2017, although this album is from 2016.  I can describe this like a step forward of death/doom metal genre, as this is forged in real obscured and oppressive atmospheres, but fueled by huge progressive elements and high octane sections, with music skills and good taste.

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Album Review REVEL IN FLESH Emissary Of All plagues

Revel in Flesh cover art

REVEL IN FLESH “Emissary Of All plagues”

Cyclone Empire

I didn’t hear anything about these Germans since Split 7” with Zombiefication ‘Eyeless Ghoulish Horror’ in 2015 or something. Now they are back with a really good album (if I don’t mistake is the fourth in the career) which means a lot of fresh flesh and corrosive lines.

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Album Review GRAND HEAD

Grand Head cover artwork

GRAND HEAD (Vinyl format)

Gorbie International Records

Tim Ward and Barry Brusseau are two brothers with very solid musical skills. And also, both of them know very well about heaviness in music and straight to the face rock n roll, as well as DIY attitude with self-promotion stuff and real underground lifestyle.

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