Album Review MACABRA to the Bone


MACABRA “…to the Bone”

Morbid Visions Music

Once again it’s a pleasure to review a superlative death metal album coming from people really involved in the genre, for years. This time is for an underrated band of artist Mark Riddick and Adrien, the French guy from Vociferian, ex Goatholocaust, etc.

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Album Review WARFIELD Hosco



The Horror Dimention/ Damnation ad Bestias

What a piece of aggressiveness I have here! After almost five years, this beast is back and definitely they made it big. Coming from Mexico, Polo (aka Hellfire) and Ivan (aka Camel) had made clear that this is not a joke, and they have reached a major status in extreme black metal genre, in this country.

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Album Review BIZARRE Inner Necropolis


BIZARRE “Inner Necropolis”

Xtreem Music

This is an excellent piece of death metal forged in obscured atmospheres, venomous guitar riffs and monstrous gutturals. Formed in 2015, this Spanish entity reunites musicians from different bands like Onirophagus, Elderdawn, and the super project FamishGod.

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Album Review ARCHITYRANTS Black water revelation


ARCHITYRANTS “Black water revelation”


According to the info, this Brazilian beast has been active since 1998, when they used the original name “A Tribute to the Plague”. They released various demos before a debut album in 2003, or something, and then they changed the name to ARCHITYRANTS.

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Album Review CURSUS BELLUM Accusing the Dead


CURSUS BELLUM “Accusing the Dead”

Downfall Records

This is another lethal duo making an excellent death metal machine in the North of Europe. On five tracks the band consolidate an own sound forged in fast guitar riffs, technical structures and the purest form of Scandinavian vocals lines.

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Album Review HEATHEN BEAST Rise of the Saffron Empire


HEATHEN BEAST “Rise of the Saffron Empire”

Transcending Obscurity Distribution

This is another surprise for me, coming from India. These guys created a very interesting mix of holocaustic black metal and traditional instrumentation, with truly ethnic elements, and very good taste in extreme metal music.

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Album Review NUCLEAR HATRED Nuclear Hatred EP


NUCLEAR HATRED “Nuclear Hatred”

Self –released

After five years or something using the name of Zamboni, these guys received a notification from a company who apparently owns trademark rights of that name. It seems like a bad-blood accusation due hormonal decision of somebody.

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Album Review HOWLING GIANT Black Hole Space Wizard


HOWLING GIANT “Black Hole Space Wizard”


Duuude! It is authentic stoned music, made of pure solid guitar riffs and a corrosive spirit in adrenalized vocal lines. This piece of golden rock contains four long songs composed in cosmic atmospheres, hypnotic guitar solos and excellent concept under the flag of progressive rock in a weird form.

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Album Review MAZE OF TERROR Ready to Kill


MAZE OF TERROR “Ready to Kill”

P-18 Records

This is extremely fast and deadly, and I can’t expect less from this Peruvian death machine, as they showed us a really explosive thrash metal in previous debut EP “Skullcrusher”, some years ago.

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Album Review MORTAL PESTILENCE Universal Hatred


MORTAL PESTILENCE “Universal Hatred”

Metal Ways Records

This is another deadly attack of Aztec thrash metal at its finest. Everything here is aggressive, powerful and extremely well done. Coming from Naucalpan, Edo.Mex, this entity was founded in 2012 under the name of Mortal Plague.

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