Album Review IMPERFECT SOULS Necro Bestial




Some years ago I made some good trades with vocalist/guitarist Lucas Dias, who also runs “Crush the Cross Zine”. Eventually he sent me a demo of his band, and later a split called “Blasphemy Alliance”, and I really liked it because it shows a good black seed configured in obscured thrash metal and antichristian lyrics.

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Album Review ONSLAUGHT Power from Hell


ONSLAUGHT “Power from Hell”

Metal Ways Records

Again, we have the pleasure to review such a gem from the 80’s, thanks to MW Records. Especially this piece of metal, that influence defined the early works of many bands, like Exodus, Slayer and Metallica of course.

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Album Review NIGRUM Mors Nox Regina


NIGRUM “Mors Nox Regina”

Black Saw Records

It’s morbid, grim, chaotic and extremely dissonant. These are the first words coming to my mind after I listened to the first track of this Mexican necrotic beast.  Founded in 2015, this dark entity reunites veterans from different bands like Haborym, Inferna, Mordskog, and this genius multi-instrumentist guy from Shadowgrave, Jacobo.

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Album Review GAMA BOMB The Terror Tapes


GAMA BOMB “The Terror Tapes”

Metal Ways Records

Well, I will try not to sound like a “true” metalhead (hahahaha!), but seriously I lost my interest in this band when they signed with Earache Recs, about 10 years ago. And honestly it was because I remember seeing this logo everywhere in T-Shirts, patches, caps, pins, stickers, like a disease.

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Album Review EX ANIMO Neverday


EX ANIMO “Neverday”

Metal Scrap

Well, and there goes another female vocal band with tons of keyboard arrangements, progressive elements and guttural growls here and there. This band is not bad at all; it’s just that I’ve heard so many copies of Nightwish, Evanescence, Epica, etc, that definitely I’m not attracted to this style anymore.

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Album Review M.I.L.F. Make It Long ‘n Fast – More than you


M.I.L.F. (Make It Long ‘n Fast )“More than you”

Buil2Kill Records

This is a great album of rock n’ roll! Coming from Florence, Italy, these guys created an excellent opus of hard rock very influenced by old names like AC/DC, Poison, Mötley Crüe, Skid Row, etc.

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Album Review BLACK TORMENT Catacomb of Blinding Blasphemies


BLACK TORMENT “Catacomb of Blinding Blasphemies”

Deathrash Armageddon

Holy shit! Now I know why this is one of the best black metal acts in Mexico. It’s terrible to say that black metal genre is dying, as definitely, this is a perfect example of good bands revitalizing the scene.

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