Album Review BOOZE CONTROL The Lizard Rider

Booze Control cover artwork

BOOZE CONTROL “The Lizard Rider”

Infernö Records

Well, this is made of pure fucking steel. On the third album, this young band delivered a really good piece of heavy metal, seriously. It’s superlative HEAVY METAL that keeps the original spirit of the genre.

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Album Review VENEMOUS In Presence of Evil

Venemous cover artwork

VENEMOUS “In Presence of Evil”

Under Fire Records

Well, this is nothing but a great piece of aggressive and destructive thrashmetal album, here. After debut album released in 2013 (read the review here), these guys returned with a five songs EP, and I must say that they have already defined a quite distinctive satanic thrashmetal.

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Album Review ETERITUS Following the Ancient Path

Eteritus cover artwork

ETERITUS “Following the Ancient Path”

Godz ov War Productions

After a very solid debut EP “Tales of Death” in 2014, these veteran guys released a really good debut album, composed with destructive guitar riffs and doses of complexity, here and there.

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Album Review PSYKOSIS Welcome to the Psyko Ward

Psykosis cover artwork

PSYKOSIS “Welcome to the Psyko Ward”


Yep, here we go with another young band of thrashmetal that composed a really good album debut. This time we move on the map to Dublin, Ireland, where these guys created a very destructive and solid thrashmetal with excellent guitar lines, fast structures and a peculiar vocalist that sounds like an angry grandma: rabid, dirty and punkish.

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Album Review FIVE MINUTES HATE Explanation to Failure

Five Minutes Hate album artwork

FIVE MINUTES HATE “Explanation to Failure”

Buil2Kill Records

No doubt melodic death metal has a remarkable evolution lately, and I admit there are some interesting bands in the new European wave, though I must say I’m not very into that genre.

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Album Review DARK FOREST Beyond the veil

Dark Forest cover artwork beyond

DARK FOREST “Beyond the veil”

Cruz del Sur Music

Excellent!! What a piece of shinny and strong heavy metal is here! After last album “The Awakening” (read the review here) in 2014 this English band returned with a new recording which can become a classic in some years.

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Album Review TERROR CHAOS FORCE Island of Doom

Terror Chaos Force album artwork


Metal Ways Records

I didn’t know absolutely anything about this band, and it’s a shame because easily it can become one of my favorite Mexican thrashmetal releases. This is from the mastermind José Luis Juárez (Ancesthor) and I’m really impressed due high quality of thrash/speed metal here.

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