REBORN FROM ASHES zine Issue 3 (USA) # 26 Hand numbered copy

Well, this is already the third issue for this excellent fanzine from Indiana. Tony Juárez is a Mexican guy involved in underground scene since many years, actually he used to be editor and co/editor of some zines in Mexico in the early nineties before he moved to the States. His passion for  metal music is showed in every word he writes and his experience is amazing. This time we find interviews with OMINOUS CRUCIFIX (Mexico), GRAVEHILL (USA), DENIAL (Mexico), ABOMINANT (USA), Phil from SLOTH Fanzine (anyone remember this Mag?) Sibylle from WITCHES (France), and INGURGITATING OBLIVION (Germany). The number of CD’s, demos, fanzines and underground material reviews has grown up, occupying also a good amount of pages. In general, this is a very good and honest underground publication, focusing mainly in the “old school”. Editorial design is simple but effective, and everything has these old “stink” since you open the first page. Cover art is taken from an old TOXODETH demo. Contact and support!!

Contact: Tony Juarez. 2613 Hillcrest Terrace. Evansville, IN. 47712 USA /

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