THE FALLOUT MAGAZINE Edition # 10 (Australia)

Now I know why these magazine was nominated in the Australian Metal Awards as the “best magazine, fanzine or webzine”. In only 40 pages editor Liam publishes a great amount of information, both underground and mainstream bands, but with the same feeling as a journalist very (I mean VERY) involved at the metal scene. He did interesting and deep chats with HOLY MOSES, GLENN DYSON, NAZXUL (excellent band!), Todd Jason Cook (a cool musician and zombie films director), HATCHET DOWN, SOLAIS, SHELLFIN, DREADNAUGHT, DARK ORDER (Chile), PAUL DIANNO (including a question I always wanted to ask: What origin is his surname “Di’anno”?), CLUTCH, PLATINUM BRUNETTE (featuring Demonica Lewinsky hahaha!!), Australian gods PEGAZUS, EMPIRES OF EDEN, OCTANIC, GORLOCK, amazing MOURNFUL CONGREGATION, the cool guy behind KRATORNAS (Philippines) and TARAMIS. As you can see, most of them from that side of the world. Also editor writes some special articles just as “Red Dwarf” TV Serie, Maiden’s movie Flight 666, Metal in Africa (by Brad Swart), Sabina’s Classen guide to the new Holy Moses track listing and song meaning (very cool!!), Metal Music – A Tree of too many Branches? I mean, this publication is absolutely not bored at all and can entertain you for hours. Some great zine / audio reviews complete the work done. Write to Liam for sure answer. Hail to the Fallout Mag! Contact: /  – Victor Varas

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