Anachroneon The futile Quest for Immortality

ANACHRONAEON  “The futile Quest for Immortality”
Stygian Crypt Prods.

Let me say some words before the review. I had to drive a route more or less long and a work situation, and only I got this CD in the car, so I listened to it a lot. First miles I didn’t like it, but after that I recognized a VERY professional album done with technique, talent and good taste. Is the third production for this Swedish duo and it blowed me away. Nine tracks of melodic Death metal, yes, Sweden style but particularly well produced and with own identity. Patrik Carlsson handled guitars and vocals, and the fact is that he knows exactly what he wants, how to sound and how to get it. The work of guitars is not less than excellent, tying perfectly good harmonies, many different lines and giving excellent results that more than one “big” Swedish band would envy. For me, I found one of my “greatest” melodic death metal songs, “The Beast Called Man”. Such an excellent guitar lines, such an excellent drum set and such excellent lyrics became a touch in my brain. Forget the name you can label this music, this is a great creation.  – Victor Varas

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