Sacrilegious Impalement Exalted Spectres


Now I know why is better to put the name song at the track file, so that Windows Media Player (in my case) can inform what the hell we are hearing. I mean, if the font style in the booklet is satanically unreadable, what can I do? I thank the engineer who solved my problem. Good to know previous work of this black horde coming from Finland.  Again members of quite recognized finnish bands did a bad ass black metal album full of sharpness, aggression and technique.  As I said before, they sound maybe very clean and shiny for a black metal record. But I liked it. And I like this touch of brutality inside of “Wolves of the black moon” track for example. Death metal obscure and gloomy atmospheres are into their sound catalogue, and they really know how to balance. “The woods in a solitary soul” seems to be crawling as malefic serpent while Hellwind Inferion spouts insane litanies. Von Bastard, the main brain of the band tasted different guitar sounds and seems to be very tuned with am specific one.  My favorite one “At the altar afore eternity” has all this specifications, violent distortion sound wall, a very good screamer guitar riff, sharp depressive riffs. I mean, layer over layer of guitars. And it perfectly worked out! Good acquisition for followers of new black/death metal sound coming from the north. – Victor Varas

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