SHROUD OF DESPONDENCY “Objetive: Isolation”

Oh yeah, this is a very cool technical black metal album. No matter how it sounds to old black metal followers, but this is it. Main composer of this entity is the multi instrumental Rory Heikkila who also is/has been in Domain, Malevolence and many other bands. As we can imagine, this is a very personal album. The works of guitar riffs is fantastic, mixing raw atmospheres with melodic and quite bizarre elements. Actually, melody in compositions is a main tool but the way is driven is ok and doesn’t abuse on sugar. A good amount of velocity and aggression is found in “Struggling with the current” for example, giving a virtuosity ala Norther’s prime cuts as reference. Long tracks (maybe too long…) but incorporating very good different “avant-garde” sections (haha!! Sorry, what the hell is that?) and VERY cool heavy metal riffs. Highlights to “Wound” where tempos and compasses are extremely irregular, chaotic and bizarre. Cool macabre voices of Shawn Huffman btw. My favorite one is the opener “An Opposing Shore” (what a fast killer main riff!!) and the fantastic “Silence after the Downfall” which remembered me mighty Delirium (Mex) whit such depressive, oppressive and clean guitar atmospheric tunes. – Victor Varas

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