VITSAUS “Sielunmessu”

Beyond being copies of acts like Beherit, Arch Goat, etc. these musicians  are doing their best to give a first full length hard, cold, sharp and effective. From mastermind of Inho (guitars and voices) and Vainaja , this Finnish production isn’t lack of dark feelings, they play with atmospheres, sharp riffs, open chords and a very aggressive screams straight to the bone. Drums are fast and raw, courtesy by actual Horna skin beater Vainaja. I think they did a great job recreating this rawness feeling/sound from 90’s black metal period, but only appreciated only if you are very into this genre. Highlights to opener “Kuolleen Seurassa” which has a great cold feeling and don’t need too much to describe itself. “Haudalla” has also a devastating aura which is meaning of the style. Slower tempo on pure fuckin’ armageddon sound! As I said, this CD sounds raw, primitive and crude, I think the “live” mix of drums is totally a mess but effective to the genre.  Good acquisition for raw blacker listeners. – Victor Varas

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