VOMITOR Devils Poison

VOMITOR “Devils Poison”
Hells Headbangers Records

Face the rottteness. This guys have played in Australian bands like Gospel of the horns and Spear of Longinus and really, I don’t think is useful to give this info because if these names are familiar to you, you’ll know what’s this about. Vomitor is about rotten sounds, rotten riffs, of course rotten death metal. When a CD makes you shake and sit at the coach with simple but very effective riffs, you just go back in the past when first gods of noisy metal started. And that’s it!  From the begging of track “Crimson tide” the band just blow me away with rocker (I repeat) simple but effective guitar riff, recorded what seems to be a very first shoot, at full background tons of chaotic and sharp guitars-overdrive effects, a powerfull thunder drum player, and the reverb at the voice. Man, the reverb at the voice!!! Now we are fucking talking about. Throughout the whole album we can notice some taste of “improvisation” (to say something) and I’m sure some will criticize a bad or poor production, or will not tolerate the simplicity of “Saga of the Rage”, but everything has an “because”. Cool example of raw, rude, ugly, tight, and over all, nasty metal. Perfect for a couple of beers at Friday’s night! – Victor Varas


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