XOLOTL “Xolotl”
American Line Prods

This is another great production coming from mexican musicians living in USA. Is a first full length for these prehispanic horde, but actually they are not new at all. Is a side project of mighty YAOTL MICTLAN members. Nine raw black metal tracks mixing with knowledge and dedication old prehispanic elements, a cult revival. The whole album is dedicated to ancient Aztec gods which is a kind of extreme metal kind very interesting same for Mexicans and foreigners. Definitely the references are old MICTLAN and old XIBALBA, but here also include some prehispanic instruments tied with good sense to the compositions, and without a cheesy sound. My favorite tracks are “Kulto de Ketzalkoatl” and “Chaac” which really transport to a mystic, obscure and furious underground world. Some tracks are also touched by “epic” riffs a la Bathory , just like “El Sol de la mañana” and “Huitzilopotchli” (an amazing track dedicated to Aztec God of War) Vocals are well done by a cute girl called “Bruja” (Witch) who fuckin’ destroyed the microphone without mercy. I know some teenagers black metal vocals which faces would turn to green hearing this throat. Production is good; raw, obscure and real. I loved the organic sound from the drum set!! – Victor Varas


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