Hellebaard Fier


Gardarika Musikk

Interesting Pagan black metal album from Netherlands, mixing good epic riffs ala Manowar, old Bathory, etc. with cold and gray furious sections. I think the most noticeable element we find is the vocals of Zarlacks, who is very influenced by mighty Quorthon of course, giving a very tasty result. “Vleugels van vuur” would have been an excellent raw and sharp black metal piece, but in the middle of the main riff the idea went down. What a shame I’d say. Actually the whole album is a good artifact to show folk metal music from that part of the world. I think these guys are very involved with lands culture and made good homage to what they believe to be done. I love some tracks like “Bloedbroeders” (middle section reminds me a lot “Lord of the Rings” soundtrack) “Ravenklau” (a Full epic metal track) and the excellent “Verborgen Tad”, recovering the mid tempo doom deep in the fog atmospheres. (Great work at voices btw) But I didn’t like at all “De Eeuwige Strijdvelden” which the main riff is a cheap copy of “Funeral March” from F. Chopin we all have heard at least one time in the life. Anyway, people familiarized with the genre will appreciate this production.  – Victor Varas   (Previously published at Autoeroticasphymium Fanzine)


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