Envenomed Temples of the Morbid Innards CD

ENVENOMED  (True Envenomed) “Temples of the Morbid Innards” EP

Sade Records

This is one of my favorites newest bands from México City and I’m really into. I don’t know if we can talk about a Mexican fresh thrash metal scene yet, but these talented guys seem to know how to manage without falling into trendiness and funny wannabes. Yep, you just need three mother fuckers (a classic line up in “fuck you” attitude bands) to create some sharp guitar riffs, a powerful “Tupa Tupa” and killer vocals, and that’s it: Head banging for sure. What the fuck if the style is oversaturated?  They don’t care and just plugged the bloody guitars to watt atomic amps and shout what is running inside their veins. This so called “EP” contains four killer thrash metal tracks very influenced by old thrash from San Francisco area, and you know? It really moved me. Behind this overwhelming quantity of flattery (hahaha!!) ENVENOMED manage a cool and freshy thrash metal, playing to the total of classic underground sound. It was a great idea to include the first demo on this CD, because we really see the evolution of the project. Actually, “Evil is Back” demo sounds pretty dirty and low fi but very well done, since all instrument are surgically on their place. Yep, although this time I forgive the Metallica’s “One” kind of solo at “Doctor Solo” track. The band is recording a new album and I’m sure is going to be out soon. Spend your money properly! – Victor Varas



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