MALICHOR (Australia)

MALICHOR Lurkers in the Crypt heavy metal

MALICHOR “Lurkers in the Crypt” EP


Well, what do we have here?  Another blackened thrash metal coming from the other side of the world. And this time is coming unsigned and total massacre!!  If you name Australian extreme metal, of course the references are about DESTROYER 666, GOSPEL OF HORNS, NOCTURNAL GRAVES, and of course VOMITOR (and all their multiple projects) . MALICHOR guys don’t hesitate to follow the old tradition and practice a very acceptable mix of black and thrash metal, Lovecraft inspired, the kind of like you’ll be head banging from first track to the last. The EP brings only 4 tracks full of dark and poisoned harmonies, actually all of them are a hell composed around guitar riffs. Alive they must be a powerful experience since they bring a DENOUNCEMENT PYRE member on stage.  I like the feeling at instrumentation because you can hear everything and it sounds dark and rotten, but understandable.  “Jackal’s Spell” seems to be the most noticeable song as it smells a darkness and despair trademark I hope the band be developing in the future.  Of course there are some things to fix, here and there, nothing important and the fact is a good band. Hopefully I’ll hear more of them later. – Victor Varas

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