POISONOUS (Brazil) Review

Poisonous cover Riddick heavy metal

POISONOUS  “Perdition’s Den”
MetalHit.com/Blood Harvest Records vinyl version

Holy mother of death metal!!  This Brazilian album smells and play a morbid stench of death fuckin metal as it is supposed to be since the creation of this rotten crusade.  As the name itself describes, the album is full of poisonous riffs and morbid growls, very welcome to make clear they are not a trend melodic death metal band. Absolutely not! Eleven tracks (plus a SARCOFAGO cover) totally obscured and blessed by the old sounds like AUTOPSY, DEATH (Scream Bloody Gore era) or early INCANTATION. I really liked the drumming section, mid – pace at the most and fast when necessary, crude and direct to the bone, but with a very good technique. Tracks are well balanced between fast sections plus heavy and neck breakers. Details are what I appreciate from the good things, and here I found tons of them. The obscure trademark on riffs atmospheres like in “Blasphemy arises from the knowledge “ and the old 90’s echo in the vocals, for example. This album was originally released on vinyl version at Blood Harvest Records and now re issued at Metalhit.com with new cover art (from mighty Mark Riddick) along with bonus tracks. – Victor Varas


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