EAGLE KNIGHT (México) Review

EAGLE KNIGHT The Rising heavy metal



Coming from master mind Isaac Alcántara, an ex VOLTAX guitarist we do expect much from this short EP. Well, is short but effective. Actually I don’t blame Isaac for inviting two ex partners from VOLTAX to record vocals and drums, because he knew they’d make a quite excellent job. Indeed they did so and I’ll consider this production as an interesting document of Mexican underground. This is pure heavy metal feeling as the same is running through Isaac’s veins since many years ago. Songs are mainly constructed from basic heavy riffs and we don’t have to be exigent because they certainly move your ass. I don’t really know who is “Kuauhtli” the entity who did some solos in almost all the songs, but I think sometimes (I mean, only sometimes) exceeded the feeling and left the line song behind. I really liked the feeling of Isaac’s composition because he did SONGS, and not only riff collages. Jerry’s voice is faultless, as always. I don’t think he did this work from a day to the other because he really fit the vocals as surgeon. “We Metal” track becomes my favorite one as it has a very melodic chorus you’ll stick in your brain and that’s all about heavy metal songs, isn’t it? Hopeful I’d see a live show of this band (if I can call it a band) I’d listen with a big open beer. – Victor Varas


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