RAMPART (Bulgaria) Review

Rampart War Behest heavy metal

RAMPART “War Behest”

Infernö Records

Cool addition to the catalogue of this French label. A powerful Heavy metal from Bulgarian underground and no doubt these musicians are talented and would be emerge if they do well. The first noticeable trademark is vocals done by a girl called Maria Doychinova. Actually she has a natural color of voice adequate for melody heavy metal and is well achieved, although she should develop a better technique and consider two or three tuning problems. I don’t know why sometimes they remember me WHITE SKULL (first Federica era) although I know some of you will shat on my mouth, hehe!! Yeah, you know this heavy metal mixed and flavored with mid pace melodic power metal a la GRAVE DIGGER. As I played the entire album over again I discover some things I liked and some I didn’t like the unnecessary bass solo at “Ghost of Freedom”, oh man!! Is cool to solo with “harmonics” but I don’t think this solo fits on the song. Anyway If I have to choose a song it would be “Road to the unknown” which has a true heavy metal feeling you and your fucking neck is waiting for. As I said before, they must work more and more to develop their talent and not to be wasted in a sea of melodic power metal bands. – Victor Varas


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