INCAPACITATE (Philippines) Review

Incapacitate March to the death heavy metal

INCAPACITATE “March To The Death”

Mandarangan Recordings

A thrash metal band from Philippines living in Chicago and they mention into their influences names like MORBID ANGEL, LOS CRUDOS, AUS ROTTEN, SLAYER, EXTREME NOISE TERROR or even DEAD CAN DANCE? Interesting, right? I don’t think these guys care about your fucking opinion about their music interests and just want to intimidate you, your mother, your sister your daughter and the whole bloody world with extra sized thrash metal sound. Yep, they play fast as hell and guitar riffs sound inside the spine as an electroshock during a Monday hangover.  The production sounds nice, raw and direct to the face plus a heavy dose of drunken extreme noise, I mean it sounds very well, considering though the band has been active ten years now. Tracks like “In Grind we thrash” are a totally ode to the American side of this style and something say’s to me they played a grinder noise in the past. Actually, voices are done very “noise” if you know what I mean. Furious, screaming and over saturated, and Yeah, I found it very cool with the distinct stench from independent bands we all know and recognize. My favorite track is “March to the death” which sounds like a tight and matured band, terrific arrangements done in surgical drum set (This guy plays VERY good) and destroying inspiration. Hope to hear more of this crazy gang in the future. –Victor Varas

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