TARANTULO (Russia) Review

Tarantulo heavy metal

TARANTULO “Tarantulo”

Metal Scrap Records

First seconds of first tracks played on my car and I thought “oh man! These Russian guys really know how to damage equipment with low tune riffs, crunchy guitars and a power insane at the throat. The style moves from hard core metal to death metal (between what is called “modern metal” and short pants Pantera styled, you know?) and they dare to explode and over doze all this groove guitar effects, high harmonics, crunchy and jumpy riffs inside 4/4 compasses, wah wah solos, and tons of heavy drum sections. As many other bands in the past, the style produced me a cool head banging …. only the first three songs, but I hardly can make it to the end of the CD. Actually I can’t sit here and say is a bad production. I really liked moments like “Rejected” track where drummer shows an outstanding power (he must be an Olympic athlete or something) or “We will fight” a 99% hard core track where the band shows all the musical capabilities; and of course the entire guitar work in the whole CD which is driven very professional. If you are into all these hard core metal sounds I advise you to look for the band and try to purchase the CD, and if you are not, stay away. – Victor Varas


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