ELVENSTORM (France) Review

Elvenstorm Of Rage and War

ELVENSTORM “Of Rage and War”

Infernö Records

Ladies and Gentlemen: what we have here is a HEAVY METAL band with all the syllables. Their short career as a band seems to don’t matter as they formed in 2008 and after a demo they did this excellent and powerful album. Laura Ferreaux has heavy metal running through her veins and knows how to explode this quality singing from the heart. Is truth they developed a quite Germanic side of the style, names like RUNNING WILD or GRAVE DIGGER can be found on their influences but is noticeable they have also tried successfully to get a own sound. If I have to choose a track I’ll pick “Witchhammer”, a totally fast and outstanding power metal you can turn up in your fucking CD player and realize what heavy metal is about. I think vocals remind me too the style of Elisa Candelas on DARK MOOR first albums, but without the high screams and without those long ballads. The middle range is definitely Laura’s comfortable tune and really sounds good. “Kill the Deceivers” is also remarkable with an great opening guitar riff sound, like if Rolf Kasparek’s spirit would appeared at the rehearsal room and inspired Michael Hellström’s fingers like the good wine. No ballads, no crystal tears, no potbellied Dragons, just pure steel and bones. Yeah! I think again Fab did a hit signing new talents at his label. As extra info drummer Felix Börner was part of LONEWOLF in the past. – Victor Varas



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