EVIL ONE (France) Review

Evil one Militia of death heavy metal

EVIL ONE “Militia of Death”

Pervade ProductionsManitou Music

To say the truth I had not heard of these guys so far and they have been rocking since 1998, according to Metal Archives.  But wait a minute…. Also according to this page, they switched of being a “gothic metal” band to thrash metal band. Ok, I’ll assume editors of the web encyclopedia of metal were drunk or stoned (or both) when they published this data hehehe! (Please!!!!) Well, these guys are coming from French underground and practice a very acceptable mix of thrash/speed/heavy metal. Yes, they dare to embrace three different styles and the combination is ok though. I liked second part of the album because is a remembrance of heavy bands and is not bad at all. As RIOT’s old glories, they did remarkable tunes in the vein of powerful and melodic (no flowers) heavy metal. Frédéric Botta has a very high range throat and used all his talent in songs like “Straight to hell” or the K. Diamonded “Baptized by Fire”. I really like “Suicide Fanatic” track, a very metal from the heart song just like PEGAZUS used to do in their first album (anyone?) This is not bad at all for being an ex “gothic” metal band hehehe!! They also included an instrumental track showing good talent and resources at instrumentation. Double guitar lines, cosmic soloing, a great and solid bass wall, and great drumming section. For people into old school heavy metal looking for new bands. – Victor Varas


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