XTRUNK (France) Review

Xtrunk Full confession heavy metal

XTRUNK “Full Confession”

Pervade Productions – Manitou Music

Is another underground metal band playing a mix of extreme metal with the most technical and melodic “modern” metal style every old head bangers hate. I don’t want to defend this new wave of crazy crunchy metal dudes, and saying the truth I really like some moments. Wait!! Don’t leave this blog yet!! Hehehe!!! What I’m saying is we have to see and hear the professional side of the music indeed. To record a metal album is not easy and if I have to criticize this promo, I have to give them a chance only for the fact they did their supreme effort. The French guys moved toward an extremely well done production, and that’s a merit. 11 cuts of hard core blended with furious thrash metal you can move your head and ass if you play the CD as a binge’s soundtrack. Guitar work is particularly complex and full of fast thrashy riffs. Sometimes they reminded me this CLAWFINGER sound in the middle of 90’s, smashing all the phrases to fit the tempo in the music. I didn’t like anyway these kinds of “generic” choruses mixing death growling with clean voices. As said before, if you are into this, go and get it. If you are not, run like fucking rabbits!!– Victor Varas


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