MELTDOWN (México) Review

Meltdown The Quietus heavy metal

MELTDOWN “The Quietus”

Mighty Hordes Productions

Barely I have remembered this band from latest 90’s coming from Mexican underground. Well, is a shame to see how good metal heads escape from this country arid of opportunities and make good things outside the continent. They relocated in Spain and after some years produced their second professional album and it deserves to be considered. As they started doing a melodic death metal with strong influences of Nordic side of Europe, they developed an own sound and this recording sounds fresh and well balanced. Daniel G. Aviles and Rafa Roman had the knowledge to achieve good riffs and create excellent tunes behind a solid wall of instrumentation. This time help comes from Alfred Berengena (BAALPHEGOR, VIDRES A LA SANG) on drums and really did a quite good job. What is remarkable on this album is the death metal melodic style which sounds deeply in a Sweden technique, and before you call me a bootlicker I have to say these guys impressed me with total aggressive and heavy songs. I also liked the old melancholic smell in tracks like “Tower of Umbra” or the excellent homonymous instrumental “The Quietus” where they did the best guitar work in the whole album. Obscure riffs between powerful rhythm sections and an outstanding nostalgic aura. A cover version of “Metal Meltdown” closes the album and reaches a forward step from the original JUDAS PRIEST’s aggression. Good work from these dudes, hopefully they gig back in México some day. – Victor Varas

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