TYRANEX (Sweden) Review

Tyranex The evil has arrived demo heavy metal

TYRANEX “The Evil Has arrived” Demo

Self Released

This is one of the big gems delivered to the Zombie Ritual Zine mail when it was a printed version yet. Coming from cold Sweden, this (now) trio attacked the underground press with few demos before they released a first full length. Well, here is the last demo before that and I have to say I really enjoyed listening to this rasped thrash – speed metal made in powerful sense of steel spirit. Linnea Landstedt is an extremely talented guitarist and she knows the true way to continue the thrash metal flame burning. Only four tracks are included on this demo and all of them are in total furious personality and sung by this beauty. She has the ability to combine a primitive speed metal on Germanic school and add a NWOBHM touch, just to assemble an intense sonic shock you’ll like from first notes. I choose “Blade of Sacrificer” track as my favorite one since main guitar riff has the power and attitude to break bones in every stage. I’d love to see this alive. Anyway you can’t deny Linnea has a true old school background just listening to her voice ate the whole demo. Time will talk and deliver what is for this young horde. My copy of the demo is kept at the left side of my collection. – Victor Varas


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