RESURGENCY (Greece) Review

Resurgency False Enlightenment cover Zombie Ritual Zine

RESURGENCY “False Enlightenment”

Hell Thrasher Productions.

When I read the words “Greek death metal band” in the promo mail from label I remembered about amazing NECROVOROUS compilation I reviewed in last Zombie Ritual Zine printed version. I almost shat on my pants when I saw these two guys (bass and drums) named here. As I supposed, they really sucked from the AUTOPSY, GRAVE, ENTOMBED old school, and rotten creepy riffs seem to be made to intensely dig your teeth. You know, those totally insane guitars inside diabolic darkness, surgically matched in an extremely technique drum playing. This CD is full of power and death stench as these two Georges know how to drive dark intensity in their axes, and I don’t think they composed briefly in an afternoon. Hell no! Tracks are well balanced and tight, blending brutality with tons of tempo changes, all in all full of possessed guitar attack. And that’s the main factor I liked from Greeks, they manage to get specific tempo changes without losing power like in “Black Holes of Antiverse” track, or the amazing “Dark Revival” track (great ideas at drum section!!) My favorite stench is called “Psychosis” track, a great piece of obscure death metal, full of this 90’s atmosphere. Just listen to the funeral guitar section at the end. The combo is very well completed by a powerful front man called John P. and his throat which reminds me a lot Esa Lindén’s when recorded that Finnish classic “Slumber of sullen eyes” album if you know what I mean. This is a promising new comer band and deserves to be followed. Death metal mother fucker crazy freaks: adjust your antennas. – Victor Varas

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