UNDER FIRE METAL Fanzine Issue 13 (México) Review

Under Fire Metal fanzine No. 13 Zombie Ritual Fanzine

UNDER FIRE METAL Fanzine No. 13 (México)

This underground document has now 3 years but it deserves to be reviewed as contains tons of important info. On this issue is dedicated to Brazil metal underground and believe me well worth. Which other printed fanzine dedicates the whole issue to names like AZUL LIMAO, HARPPIA, CHAKAL, MUTILATOR, DORSAL ATLANTICA o SEXTHRASH? Following the same format as always, editor Jose Luis Cano delivers a much documented issue where he reviews a huge number of underground Brazilian bands which didn’t were known in México and I’m pretty sure even Brazilians don’t remember either. Editor’s style makes easy and very entertaining reading, staying away from clichés and writing in an entertaining and anecdotal way. At the end he also reviews new items like MILITIA, METALUCIFER, CANNON (Yes, the German band), BREAKER, or KUBLAI KAN, just to name few and so you can see where he is standing. The fanzine as always includes a CD-R compilation where editor shares some samples of reviewed albums.
Just for Die Hard zine collectors of course. Written in spanish.- Zineaholic (Translation by Luisa Moonster)

P. S.  I wonder, why he don’t include interviews anymore?

Contact: vampyr_80(arroba)hotmail.com

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