FREAKHATE (Spain) Review

FreakHate it comes to the grave cover for review at Zombie Ritual Zine

FREAKHATE “It comes from the grave”

Hecatombe Records

Well, certainly this album comes from a rotten grave of death metal. You can smell the old school stench from miles away. This zombie gang salutes from the refreshed underground scene of Spain and delivers what seems to be their debut album. The smell of dead is remarkable, but also combines some D-Beat rhythms, low and smudged sections, and of course, this suitable and obscured doom metal we like. Guitars are extremely low tuned and they give this creepy and overloaded sound, you know the fat and deep one. A perfect example of doomed riffs is on second section of the track “Infected flesh decomposition” and the master piece “Keep the cult of the crypt alive”. The voice of Antonio is totally morbid and grind core styled, so the music itself has a very special combination of death metal with insane and dirty punches. And that’s the word for describe it: dirty. Rotten to the bones, this band also creates a terrific miasma around the album, what more can we expect from an album cover showing a nice pic of Tina Romero in ALUCARDA film beneath the track list?– Victor Varas



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