LYNX (México) Review

Lynx Be wild cover review at Zombie Ritual Zine

LYNX “Be Wild”

Sade Records (Re edition)

Many people I know who lived the 80’s rock/metal music best Era says that this band would be the Mexican answer to Def Leppard, Ratt, Poison, etc. as they were one of the best known hard rock band from México before CODA appeared. And this is not far from reality. Formed in Agua Prieta Sonora (a north State in México) they were around mid eighties playing local gigs, touring and rocking hard. They released only this album. But, what happened then? Nothing! Is sad to know this was one of the best Mexican promises as they did excellent stuff and had almost everything to become an international success. But you know? Life not always puts you in the right place and the right moment. The album is now on CD format and contains 10 tracks in a hard rock style and sound as in 80’s. Of course they included tracks to live intensely the night (you know, women, rock n’ roll, dirty places and a big motor) like “Queen of the nightlife”, “Rock rock now” (epic opening track) and “Hold on”. A couple of ballads do balance the production and I can say “Don’t let it go” would be a classic from this band. Despite this recording seems to be rescued from an old vinyl (or tape!!) sounds pretty good and guitar work is very noticeable. I liked very much almost all songs and I’d say (as all good hard rock albums) is a good choice for driving in the night. – Victor Varas

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