EVIL ENTOURAGE (México) Review

Evil Entourage Desecrators review at Zombie Ritual Zine

EVIL ENTOURAGE “Desecrators”

Ablaze Prods.

Yeah! This is one of my favorite brutal metal bands in México. They come from the northeast side of the country and really know how to manage violent death metal in its widest. As they produced the last album in 2007, in this “Desecrators” they show more matured ideas and of course better production. I can’t deny the fact that the whole album reminds me a lot the MORBID ANGEL stench (which is almost impossible to hide in brutal bands nowadays) but they figured out a personal touch, considering to stand out from all those clone bands. Something I really hate is this kind of uncompromised guitar soloing, I know you will say “SLAYER did it”, and I’d say “Well, they ARE SLAYER”. Anyway, Ulises “Chopper” did only few (on “Holyway to Kill“, “Sceptic to the cross” and “Hate to God”… and the studio owner did one on “Diablolical Possesson”) and fortunately they don’t weaken, as the guitarist also makes incredible powerful riffs. Production is excellent, straight to the face and crude (recorded at Fat Snare Studio), vocals also sounds deep and growling, perfect matched to this massacre. Good choice if you want to know what about Mexican brutal death metal. – Victor Varas


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