HELLGATE Metal Fanzine Issue 3 (Poland) Review

HellGate fanzine reviewed at Zombie Ritual Zine

HELLGATE Metal Fanzine Issue 3 (Poland)

This is another HUGE document from the deepest underground and this time is the turn of Poland. A pity I couldn’t read a single phrase of this big 94 pages manifesto because is all written in Polish! And I don’t know any word from that language. Anyway, this editor is a totally metal warrior and deserves to be considered as a great writer since he manages to release such a big magazine and also play in a band called WISHMASTER.  Here I list of the bands interviewed ABYSMAL FALL (USA), ANGSTRIDDEN (Greece), BLOODTHIRST (Poland), DEIVOS (Poland), EBOLA (Poland), EMPHERIS (Poland), FORECAST (Poland), GLORIOR BELLI (France), GOSPEL OF THE HORNS (Australia), HESPERUS DIMENSION (Poland), IN LINGUA MORTUA (Norway), NIDSANG (Sweden), NORTHWAIL (Poland), MASS INSANITY (Poland), MOTORBREATH (Poland), ODI PROFANUM VULGUS (Poland), OLD TEMPLE RECORDS, URGEHAL (Norway), WARFIST (Poland) and writer WITOLD JABLONSKI. As you can see, he is mainly interested in extreme metal bands, and I can figure out in the design, all chats are quite well. Also includes the typical sections of Gig reports, fanzines and CD reviews, and some news. I really hate that I can’t understand anything and it’s very difficult to translate it in Spanish, my mother tongue. I repeat, is a pity this zine is dedicated only for Polish, local people. Everybody knows there is a huge metal scene and lots of underground press, but hopefully this zine will be in English, in the future. – Zineaholic

Contact: wishgang(arroba) wp.pl

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