Inferius Torment Ceremony review at Zombie Ritual Zine

INFERIUS TORMENT “Ceremony of Godslaying”

W.T.C. Productions

When I saw this tormented goat on the cover art I really expected an extremely sanguinary black metal from these Russians. I was not away and from the first track “Agnus Dei” I already knew what they are into. This is one of the best black metal recordings from East Europe I’ve heard lately since the album is quite very well produced and performed. Is violent, dark, impious and yet distinct, this band embraces a red blood aura in each of the tracks. I liked the way they move from technical stuff to a bloody crude kind; also I have to mention the majestic tempo changes like in “Sola Scriptura” an ancient stench in mid rhythm and cold sinister riffs and “Evil Manifestos of Satan” in which drummers work was totally astonishing. Take a tech brutal death drummer and put him inside a black metal band, in this case the Drummer’s name is Florian Klein and you will find related in bands like Belphegor and Bethlehem. This odium to the skins is very remarkable. Vocalist does a real massacre on the microphone giving a natural sense of a sharpness speech, like in my favorite “Unbaptized Flames” a totally sonic destruction divided in different movements and sections. It’s a real bloodbath for your fucking tiny ears. These blasphemy invocations are a door to the next level of ominous performances. At the end, these satanic compositions are the marriage of the professional produced black metal music with the overweighed crude and raw side of the style which means a real evilution.  A second Full Length you can’t miss if you are into this wave of melodic and violent blackest side of the metal music and worship battle names from Nordic area. As extra info, they used some traditional instruments in Intros. – Victor Varas

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