Steve Sylvester Free man review at Zombie Ritual Zine

STEVE SYLVESTER “Free Man” + DVD “Gods of Metal”

Under Fire Records

To be honest, I’m not the most indicated to review this CD/DVD (well, actually none of CD’s reviewed on this blog hehehe!!) and I must say that I know about STEVE SYLVESTER because of a fanzine edited by the owner of this Mexican Label. As I heard some samples that time, music caught me. This is an extraordinary mix of powerful heavy metal and obscured rock music and also I think Steve Sylvester is the one of the elementary items of all the theatricality developed years before by names like Alice Cooper , Coven, Black Sabbath, KISS, Kim Bendix (later) and of course all the horror show business. Now we know that all albums of this Italian demon are very hard to find and is like a gift to see re edited the first one, plus a DVD of an extremely rare Live Show in 1993, featuring Paul Chain in the guitar btw. May be this is the big jewel in the pack because this concert was rescued from some very very old tapes and edited exclusively for this special occasion. Although video quality is average, you can see the full show from different cameras and audio is quite good for a twenty years old recording. The audio at the CD was also remastered and music still sounds like a hammer on your balls, you know this vintage fat body only vinyl can give, and the songs really deserved this treatment. The music is hard to describe since Steve Sylvester is known for being a mad genius totally worshiper of darkness and ominous. Tracks like “The Wail of the Ocean” (a reminiscent of 60’s rock, according to experts) are really astonishing and describes the insane mind of a mad musician, in contrast with “Preacher man” which sounds a totally hard rock song in the vein of what those known American heroes did in the 80’s in Los Angeles area. This CD includes two covers songs (from Uriah Heep and Angel Witch) and inside the booklet contains some extra pics and notes for the edition. Excellent addition to your metal diet, if you’ve already know this horror masterpiece. Also, if you want to improve your knowledge about Italian rock/metal music, this is an opportunity. – Victor Varas

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