Cabeza de caballo Iron and Wood review at Zombie Ritual Fanzine


Discos Macarras

I don’t know if is a good idea to name a band “Cabeza de Caballo” (Horse Head), but It’s a sticky name and I will remember it forever hehehe!! My first exposure to this Spanish band, “Iron and Wood” is a 49 mins album, full of heaviness and master pieces of rock. And that’s the main adjective for this music: “Heavy”, as they tuned their instruments very low and do sabbathian riffs like if they wanted to destroy speakers, microphones etc. It’s a quite good production of what is so called “rock stoner – doom”, but I don’t feel comfortable tying them with those terms, because is not that obscure nor depressive. Absolutely not! They make excellent melodic lines and the rock n’ roll rhythms which are the solid base where they are developing musical strong attitude. I liked “Idols bonfire” which has these strong and virile elements (hehehe!!) plus this punkish stench at the guitar sound. The master piece for me is “The Elders reclaim vengeance” where they really developed an extremely well done rock n’ roll and the butterfat seem floating around. Shit! What a piece of rock!! Also, I really love the middle section, a sludge ode to the over inspired stoned rock, like a punch in the balls. “Volcanic Spell” is another favorite, and inside I found a gritty guitar solo very influenced by 70’s psych rock which blows my ears. A pretty good choice if you are into this music genre. – Victor Varas

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