BLOOD MORTIZED (Sweden) Review

Blood Mortized The Key to a Black Heart review at Zombie Ritual Zine

BLOOD MORTIZED “The Key to a Black Heart”

Chaos Records

It’s an excellent release by this young but strong Mexican label. The Swedish death metal cult at its finest consecration, since you are hearing first rotten guitar riffs. Swedish warriors making Swedish holocausts of course, and here I find a massive death metal riot with old school stench and excellent performance. Starting with the bomb called “The Heretic Possession” a meaningful and representative track which blows your brain until the spinal cord. It’s a dark and effective punkish riff behind a violent drum beat, and truly possessed vocals. The track delivers sharp and crude feelings, behind melodic but insane cuts. “To murder a God” is another piece of rusty metal, claiming the old school sound beyond rampage and is pretty well achieved. Mi favorite is track “The Key to a Black Heart” which contains morbid and blackened sections garnished by this nostalgic touch always found in Nordic death metal music. Highlights goes to the amazing throat of Mathias Parkkila, who literally left traces of flesh and clots at the floor of the Studio Recording. A heavy guest appears with some guitar soloing and his name is Rick Rozz (from MASSACRE, of course) All this poisonous shit is drowned in a blood bath, and deserved to be released in vinyl format. The label faces the deal and made this jewel with an exclusive handpainted art work done by the dutch Thomas Kynst. This is a must for those followers of Swedish heritage and for those who know about dark violence through black veins. – Victor Varas

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