HELL UNITED (Poland) Review

HELL UNITED Aura Damage review at Zombie Ritual Zine

HELL UNITED “Aura Damage”

Hellthrasher Productions

This is another killer production from the hellish label. No mercy here to launch their countrymen, death metal at its loudest expression, blackish and violent. This is something I like from Polish death metal scene, the way they manage to create extremely violent riffs, odes to the deepest shadow sound and to take care every detail. With creepy and violent sounds, this band balances infernal guitar riffs behind caustic drums and demonic vibes. Vocalist Void has truly red fire throat to spell traces of flesh through blasphemed liturgies. For example, “Death Cold” is a master piece which combines misanthropic guitar lines through very dense beat blasting. It’s a sonic nightmare. The main riffs run like thick lava burning and destroying impious skins. Actually, these tracks are very complex and beyond the hecatomb, certainly there is a very thoughtful background. Another aspect to consider is the low tuned of instruments, which fits exactly the way. My favorite one is “Aura Damage” which breaks out the theme of brutality and adds guitar layers over layers, (and a short soloing) giving a heavy result, as infernal machinery. The middle section has also a total demonic invocation and will desecrate your thoughts with rawness and disrupted beats.  Another master piece is the last track “Totally of I” which it’s a blackened death metal example of surgical noises and bloody massacre at the guitar riffs. Begins like a slower track, but the machinery does a good support to the possessed voices, and fits perfect. This is not a fresh melodic death metal music; this is pure devastation and infernal holocaust, perfect for a damned loathing.



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