PIRAÑA (México) Review

Piraña Corruption review at Zombie Ritual Fanzine

PIRAÑA “Corruption”

American Line Prods

I don’t know why my beloved hellish- true metal -hideous PC didn’t played this CD. And this sucks because I couldn’t just sit here and scratch my balls, and hear the return of one of my favorite Mexican gangs. Indeed, the CD plays very well in my car, in the CD player of the hall, and even on the old recorder in my mama’s kitchen. Mysterious are the metal ways. Anyway, I found a pretty more matured band, exposing a totally grown concept and as always, a perfect performance. This is Mexican Thrash metal and one of the main aspects is the totally angry-punkish lyrics they put with guts at the tunes. They fit perfect, and before you think that this is a hard core band disguised, I want to make clear that the musicians have this welcomed libertarian attitude as persons, and they fucking really know what they’re talking’ about. No doubt this is their best production so far, as music is more complex and, for example, guitar solos are more eclectics. Tracks like “A big joke” and “Thrash wars” are the most representative of their sound, and I really liked this aggressive punch inside sharp or crude riffs. Music is a complete homage to thrash metal they’ve clearly grown into, and I hear influences of SLAYER, NUCLEAR ASSAULT and even ANTHRAX. The best composition goes to the song “Thrash wars!!” which has a particular stench of resurrected violence a la San Francisco Bay Area. Tarellevil vocals are even more aggressive than past albums and he dares to combine English and Spanish language, all in a brutal violent nightmare. If I have to choose a track, it would be “Hasta reventar” which seems to be a classic for the band. Is a real master piece, song and lyrics describes a normal night at a Gig, for every thrash metal gang. A pure cult song!! Spanish language singing, frenetic rhythms, very sharp guitar riffs, bass guitar like dynamite and there you have it. An excellent track for a Mosh Pit destruction. This CD includes again the amazing Art Work of Will Towels. At the end of the track listing, the band also includes a bonus track called “Bad Habit”, and sounds very heavy metal. It’s a must for every Mexican metal music collector. – Victor Varas

Contact: piranhaattack(arroba)hotmail.com


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