Trails of Sorrow Languish in Oblivion review at Zombie Ritual Zine

TRAILS OF SORROW “Languish in Oblivion”

Domestic Genocide Records

This is the album debut of a young Italian band. As I know some obscured doomed rock bands from Italy, I was curious about this release. Yeah, I know this Funeral – Melancholic style is not always a marvel, but these guys caught my attention because they manage to record a very professional first CD, and they dare to play the game of underground promotion. I find here ten slow and dark tracks, full of deep emotions and gritty lamentations; I mean a very introspective and emotional music. Keyboards are a tool to paint sorrow sceneries, plus a very seminal aggressive touch, and this consist on guttural vocals here and there. The consequences are vast and I can’t say is an enjoyable stuff since music is slow, heavy and doomed. But I don’t want to spoil the party saying it’s a bad record, absolutely not. I find here also some interesting ambient sections, like in “See my blood flowing” which let the pain flow like blood, and creates an extremely dark ambient behind those three or four chords. The band adds some violin chords and despite the congested style, this transmits harmful and dismal sensations. I liked also the last track “Ora è la fine”, a much obscured ode. It reminds me a little bit this master piece called “Turn loose the swans” plus the good taste of the non commercial side of bands like DREADFUL SHADOWS. Get this interesting album if you have open mind, and you also if declare yourself eclectic.  – Victor Varas

Contact: dying_poet(arroba)

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