MORTOS (Brazil) Review

Mortos Homo Homini Lupus review at Zombie Ritual Fanzine

MORTOS “Homo Homini Lupus”

Self released

Although many say that this is one of the genres in metal music that will never expire, death metal still giving good shit worldwide, but also is very difficult to manage creativity and excel from an oversaturated background.  These young guys come from Brazil and I don’t know how the hell they did, as they created such a powerful death metal demo which old school stench smells from miles away. Only five tracks are enough to knock your speakers out and shit your pants out like baby. This is death metal obscured and violent, almost brutal, but I noticed very good taste as they manage to make strong and powerful guitar riffs. Complexity is not a main adjective, but their music sounds like if they spent many hours at rehearsal room. I really liked this morbid stench in track “Hell’s butcher”, which has a pretty cool main guitar riff, and excellent drum sections. Actually, drums sounds very dynamic and well performed. They also manage great tempo changes, as a wink to traditional heavy metal, like in “A competition for Survive”. This track sounds melodic and fresh, but instrumentation still doing complex carnage, and transmits rawness and bloody stuff. My favorite is the opener track “From Drama to Glory” which delivers organic and melancholic guitar lines, keeping this obscured and aggressive vibes from the abyss. The final section with an acoustic guitar is sublime. It’s an excellent debut for these Brazilian bastards. The CD is from 2009, I hope they release a new production soon. – Victor Varas

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