EVIL POETRY (México) Review

Evil Poetry Signa Stellarum Nigrarum review at Zombie Ritual Fanzine

EVIL POETRY “Signa Stellarum Nigrarum”

Omeyocan Productions

After the well acclaimed “Letheus Nocturnus” in 2006, Zephiroth and Cia. took a long time to deliver this piece of darkness and I was quite impressed when I listened to it by the first time. The CD is a conceptual Opus divided in three introspective chapters. I think that the majesty of opener “Riders of the Unknown worlds” is an excellent intro for what is coming. I didn’t expect anything less than pure obscure death metal, acrimonious and aggressive, coming from an ex MEN AT ARMS. The fact is that only those who are really into these obscured and insane sounds since many years, are capable to create such creepy and violent tunes at the same time. First Chapter is about this, bloody death metal in its purest essence.  On second Chapter the album stops the madness and becomes more atmospheric, delivering doomed tracks where gloomy melodies and keyboards are the main characters. On this Chapter they also include some prehispanic elements and this particular characteristic does the work, cleaning the mind after these holocaustic sounds. “The Solitude Tree” is one of the most representative tracks of this section and they dare to mix a good choice of melodic rhythms behind dark and sharp feelings. The last section (and my favorite one) comes like a storm and here I found what seem to be the real roots of the band.  “La Batalla entre el Hielo y el Fuego” opens fire with violent black metal, quite influenced by DISSECTION and sounds complex, obscured and damned. This track is sung in Spanish, and for native speakers like me, it sounds very astonishing. I really liked this concept album where cosmic visions, inner thoughts and dark philosophies are mixed into holocaustic sounds. Pretty good choice if you are into Latin-American deathblack metal. My total support. As extra info, the CD includes a bonus live track “Beyond the Trees” which is a song from the “Letheus Nocturnus” – Victor Varas

Contact: evilpoetry(arroba)gmail.com

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