TOXIC HATE (México) Review

Toxic Hate Poisoned Nations Holocaust

TOXIC HATE “Poisoned Nations Holocaust”

Concreto Records

Hell!! This is one of my favorite debut albums of this year. Everybody knows that this “Hatemaster” (Urique Quiñones) has been involved in Big names of the extreme metal scene coming from Aztec lands, like LUST, PULVERIZED, GENOCIDE, DENIAL, PROFANATOR or ACRIMONIA. Well, this is his personal project and is nothing less than a pure fucking brutal death metal full of blood, hate (of course…) and complex guitar riffs. This musician seems to consider the fact that the genre is over saturated, and managed to create a quite good beast with own personality, which is on the highway to feed the new generation of brutality in Mexico. Urique is very influenced by all these obscured American death metal bands from early 90’s, as I find morbid stench and some raw riffs full of aggressiveness and power like in “Soul Entourage” (Great solos BTW), which also added excellent guitar lines, delivering a caustic punch of sickness. Yeah! But he also managed a great sound which reminds me a lot the “Polish” modern style, you know, rotten but full of technique.  Another aspect I liked is that he (as producer and one man recording) gave a good place for the bass sound and the “click” is fairly remarkable; you know this powerful “crunch” sound only EMG pickups can deliver when the Bass guitar is tuned low as hell. Bass solo in “Merciless Empire” is the best example for this. My favorite one is the last track “Poisoned Nations Holocaust”, and first section reminds me early HYPOCRISY stench mixed with the sublime darkness of ASPHYX and really explodes my head. As far as I know, vocalist “Erradicator” is an old warrior from Mexican underground. Here he did an excellent work, giving this totally bloodbath effect to the Opus. Ok, fuck pseudonyms!! His name is Ivan “Bloodhunter” and his fucking red blood throat is well known by everybody, hehehe!! It’s an excellent debut album, for those who’d like to taste the toxic blood and sickness.

Contact: toxic_hate(arroba)

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