DEATHRONATION (Germany) Review

Dethronation Exorchrism review at Zombie Ritual Fanzine


Is quite weird that a young band releases only two demos, and after that, they release a Compilation, instead of record a properly Full Length and conquer the fucking world. Hehehe!! Anyway, this Compilation is released by Metalhit dot com (yes, they sent me the bloody digital promo, so what!) and certainly they’ll conquer the world someday, since they only launch bands via digital format. I hope to see this debut album on physic format because is a killer band and it deserves it. (Actually I think there is a vinyl version by Iron Bonehead, but I’m not sure)  Well, this is Death metal rotten to the medulla and seems to be running black blood through their veins, as the low tuned riffs smashes the speakers. First section corresponds to the “Exorchrism” demo and I find an extremely well done opus, musically speaking they are very influenced by consecrated names like ASPHYX, MORGOTH, and of course MORBID ANGEL, so you can figure out this bloody violent low tunes, as they have surgically riffs and shit. Something I liked the most is this hellish obscured guitar lines, a total homage to what world heard in the subterranean cult, in early 90’s. “Scorn Dominion” is my bloody favorite from this first section, although is a 7:52 min. length, this morbid and malevolent guitar lines (sound incredible in mid pace) heavy like a mammoth, fuck!! Is dead and as putrid lines plugging direct to your heart! Second section is the “A Soil Forsaken …” demo, and after a bloody intro of what seems to be an exorcism, the violence begins. I hear a very well rooted death metal music, you know, very violent and raw as the production is still crude and direct. Of course in that time the band was looking for musical direction, but yet sound powerful and matured. “Marooned” is a quite good representative track, and delivers a slow rotten riff before the chaos begins. Excellent guitar riffs and crunchy sound, the vocals of master mind Stiff Old sound like a possessed bastard and surely will enjoy old death maniacs. As I said before, this is a Compilation, and hopefully the debut album will be released soon. It’s rotten to the bones. – Victor Varas

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