INTO THE FROZEN SHADOWS Fanzine Issue # 8 (México) Review

Into the frozen shadows zine issue 8 review at Zombie Ritual Zine

INTO THE FROZEN SHADOWS Fanzine Issue # 8 (México) Review

Now is the turn of one of the most Subterranean, honest and dedicated fanzines of Mexico. The worship and consecration of Editor Lord Binixaba is total, and he is still clinging with nails and guts to the purest old school style. I’ve been chatting with him since I released the printed version of the Zombie and I know that he still using the ancient scissors and glue to manufacture the fanzine, so you now know what I’m talking about. Again he delivers another excellent document and it worth to get a copy from the very limited edition; on this issue he made a Special of Mexican Thrash metal including deep and informative interviews with: DISGRACE, PIRAÑA, MACHETE, STRIKE MASTER, HATE MACHINE, BLOOD KILLER, as well as the hostess Darkytecta from Ragnarock Radio show. The editor also includes a section called “Devoured by Words!!” where he presents two entertaining words games. Of course this edition is completed by reviews sections and as always, I like his acid and honest points of view and comments. It’s a quite good addition for your Mexican fanzine collection. – Zineaholic.

Contact:  Apdo. Postal No. 15 Las Choapas Veracruz. Mexico. C.P. 96980

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