WITCHTRAP (Colombia) Review

Witchtrap Vengance is my name review at Zombie Ritual Zine

WITCHTRAP “Vengance is my name”

Hells Headbangers

Seems to be incredible this Colombian band have been around since 1992 and released only two or three Full Length. OK, they’ve unleashed numerous Splits, EP’s and compilations and are well recognized at the South American underground. That’s a status deserve not to everybody but I don’t know what happened here (and their side band NIGHTMARE) Anyway, since first notes we know these bastards are totally into Teutonic thrash metal sound, especially from Mille Petrozza’s kind like and you know? I really liked the way they’ve been searching an own particular thrash and developing a curious mix of both sides of styles: South American and Germanic. Sometimes they remind me a lot the “Coma of Souls” era like in “Queen of hell” track delivering 4/4 compasses and evoking directly a pure mid – pace thrasher style which is welcomed in every new band. “Venomous Breath” is the hit surely well followed at live shows. Fast and vertiginous as a black tornado, this track is the kind you’ll repeat from your CD player. My favorite is “Pay in Blood” which lead riff is a totally Black Sabbath made in. I know many of you are into thrash metal since many years and are suspicious with unknown South American bands. Give WITCHTRAP a chance and you’ll not be disappointed at all since they’re a totally old school thrash metal band. You got to be kidding if you say in Colombia nothing has happened since INQUISITION. – Victor Varas. (Originally published in AEA zine (USA) Issue # 20)


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