STRIKE MASTER (México) Review

Strike Master Majestic Strike review at Zombie Ritual Zine

STRIKE MASTER “Majestic Strike”

Blower Records

Definitely this zine wouldn’t be complete without a review of STRIKE MASTER. Here I got in my hands the third Full length of this thrash gang and without doubt, they are a real phenomenon in the Mexican scene. Besides from that Col. KMU has said some arrogant and pompous statements in the past, and has been dealing with a spiteful local scene; the band has survived strong and brave like real warriors. Well, now you can shit on my molars. Done? Ok, let’s go on with this bloody review. This album was supposed to be the band’s farewell, but for some strange reason they’re still active and on stage. Also this is the last album where Ricardo Espinoza recorded the bass guitar, before he departed to dedicate to his own musical career. The album is another violent thrash metal attack with all the morbid and badass attitude style of the band, and I hear also a step to melodic side. Let’s name it “punkish” side. They’ve been developing good shit through all these years, and of course now they are delivering a more mature bunch of riffs.  A good example for this is “Darkness Assault”, which has an astonishing quantity of high octane guitar arrangements, and ”Mechanics Morals” where KMU did some excellent performance at the final section, as he managed melodic riffs and palm muting. Perhaps the band is still using this crossover style, combined to a raw and underground sound, and that’s their trademark, a quite good music for the new generation of thrash metal maniacs, and of course very enjoyable for old hairy ears like mine. Another song I really dig is “Majestic Strike” where they dare to experiment with obscured and unusual violent riffs and look for an own personality. I think KMU never sang more rabid in his whole discography than on this song. He speaks very fast and is quite difficult to follow his spit, as he also barely stops to breath. It’s a quite good work for these young mother fuckers, especially for the leader, a bloke who has the guts to take the band to the next level and stay there scratching his balls.  I recommend seeing them on stage; they play like an extremely well tuned clock. As extra, is also included a new version of “Thrashing the Blind School” (one of their oldest songs, and now a hymn for the band) as well as a video advance for their first DVD, next to be released. – Victor Varas

Blower Records

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