ISRATHOUM (Portugal) Review

Israthoum Monument of Brimstone review at Zombie Ritual Fanzine

ISRATHOUM “Monument of Brimstone”

Spike Farm Records

First, I want to say this is a picture taken from the original press promo. But, the original release has another cover art, so I’ll upload this images just to clarify is what I got in my hands.  And yeah, this is for those who say that I only review MP3 format and I never see original material. I don’t care anyway what you think, bloody bitches, since you still visiting this blog and are attentive to what I write. Hehehe!  ISRATHOUM salutes from Netherlands, though as far as I know, they moved from Portugal. According to their Bio, they are active since early 90’s, when they named GRENDEL, and changed the name in 1998. After some demos, EPs and a Full Length album, this is their last attack and certainly will move some asses out there. Is Black Metal and yes… is in a Nordic blood. Maybe they are not the most original black metal band in the world, but I have to admit they have that “something” around good old bands that have tasted the cold touch of the death. They make mortal and sharp guitar riffs, combining this mad frozen atmosphere (Transylvanian Hunger Trademark) with ignominious and bastardized tones; you know this open chords among cabalistic auras. I really liked the track “Soul Funeral” which first section have drums rhythms “primitive” or “brute”. The music itself does a good job when transmitting cold energy behind a misanthropic blasting, and I know this is not new, but everything is quite well done. Another aspect I want to highlight is this epic and majestic touch throughout the album. The instrumental track “Fire, Deliverance” is a good example, indeed this sounds primary as a folk song, and they spiced the sound with 70’s progressive elements like flutes, acoustic guitars, and medieval alike melodies. It’s a great CD coming from a pretty experienced band, and is a must for worshipers of second or third wave of Nordic Black metal. – Victor Varas

Contact: israthoum(arroba)

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