CRUSH THE CROSS Zine (Brazil) Review

Crush the Cross zine Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

CRUSH THE CROSS Zine Issue 8 (Brazil) Review

This is another piece of Brazilian underground, done with total metal worship, honesty and guts. Samir Souza is a dedicated metal warrior who is still supporting underground scene by making this document. Again, is written in Portuguese but the redaction is quite simple and I had no problems to understand most of the info. On this issue he chats with excellent bands almost all from Brazil: UNBORN, FUNERAL EMPIRE, THE FORCE (Paraguay), IMPERFECT SOULS, and RETALIADOR. The review sections are amazing, and he comments literally tons of CD’s and fanzines, as it seems he is very active buying and trading heavy material from underground. He also includes a couple of Gig reports, and in the last page presents a very big list of contacts. This time I received a patch which is already sewn now on my jacket.
Support and don’t let die this web of underground information!! – Zineaholic.

Contact: crushthecross666 (arroba)

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