OPVS LEVIATHAN (Colombia) Review


Opvs Leviathan review at Zombie Ritual Zine


Mighty Horde Productions

Well, this is another band who never released a Full length album, although they founded in 1992!! According to the Bio, they released a demo tape in 1995 and a Split in 2002. This is the Debut album and for me, they also must be nominated for an award or something hehehe!! They play a very well produced black metal, and we can also put the label of “epic” since they include some interesting elements throughout the music, like some keyboards behind the sonic wall, or some interesting medieval melodies mixed with traditional Nordic black metal stuff. Somehow they remind me the horde Mörk Gryning, as they mix violent guitar riffs with obscured mid pace melodies. Also, they have strong musical roots and I really liked tracks like “Submerge`s in the Waters of Kaos” where they composed a huge opus, as homage to obscured rites in ancient times, and all is performed magnificently. The album has pretty good moments, and music delivers a pure dark essence with fury and midnight chaos. As I said before, they are plenty of music resources, and they know very well how to transmit fire and death, among darkness and power. It’s an excellent choice for those followers of the ancient and hidden flame of the Dragon. – Victor Varas


Mighty Hordes Prods.

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