CALVARIUM (Finland) Review

Calvarium The skull of Golgotha Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

CALVARIUM “The Skull of Golgotha”

Satanic Porno Records/ Vectorscoope Records (Under the license of Dynamic Arts Records)

I received this CD from the Editor of Sabbath Zine (Mexico), and I didn’t know it was a reissue for his own label S. P. R. It’s a great album delivered on 2003, but well deserved to be re launched again. Well, I find a cold, raw and primitive black metal labeled on the Finnish style and full of great dead tunes. This is a massive destruction, and you will enjoy, if you are into the coldest side of raw black metal; you know these simplistic but effective ancient rituals performed with aggressive guitars and extremely violent drums. The equalization for the manifesto is mostly oriented to the treble side (if you know what I mean) and all instruments have a dead vibe, that you can almost feel the coldness of the sword. “Death Worship” is a good reference to what the band delivers, and desecrates high octane riffs on epic melodic lines, all involved in a frozen atmosphere. I also noticed a dark suicidal breath on tracks like “Suicide Manifesto” and “Herrame on Saapuva”, which mid pace rhythm and blood red vocals are main characters on an impious liturgy. Recommended for people who don’t make gestures to Dark Throne’s bastards. – Victor Varas


Dynamic Records

Satanic Porno Records

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