Imperfect Souls Blasphemy Alliance review


Self Released

This is the second attack from the Brazilian gang I. S. and definitely I can hear a real evolution since their last demo “Sabbat”, which I also reviewed at the last printed edition of this zine. This time they share the production with BREAKNECK, and present a quite raw but very interesting two ways CD-R. First section is for IMPERFECT SOULS and as I can hear, they continued with the line of crude thrash death metal, a well related sound of early Latin-American extreme bands, such as SEPULTURA or VULCANO. Indeed, I think they’ve worked and pumped up the mix of the audio and the result is more aggressive, sharp and, of course, audible. The track “Hate, Blood and Blasphemy” resumes the style and noise intention of the whole band, and delivers a killer main riff guitar among ultra violent rhythms and great vocals performance; it reminds me the furious Cronos on stage. Although they still are a very rough and sharp band, the sound of the music denotes a very tight instrumentation and the three mother fuckers are very participative. BREAKNECK collaborates with three tracks, and they are into a very violent thrash metal full of rawness and putrid blood. They deliver a raw sound in American style with some sprinkles of furious hard core stuff. Guitars sound powerful and very angry, and deliver some good melody lines. My favorite track is“Killing”, and surely they break stages with this track. If someone is curious about these bands, you can write then to the contacts below. I have some extra copies of the demo CD-R, someone interested? – Victor Varas.


Lucas_imperfect_souls (arroba)

Breakneck (arroba)

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