IN VAIN (Spain) Review

In Vain Of Gods and Man review at Zombie Ritual Zine

IN VAIN “Of Gods and Man”

Santo Grial Records

This is a good album coming from Madrid, Spain. This band stands on a point to mix a great Power metal (influenced by American school) and a strong Heavy metal with roots of steel and granite. The guitar work is very well done, and they seem to have spent hours in rehearsal room. They also created very good songs, like “My little Butterfly” which is a melodic and effective track full of guitar arrangements, vertiginous drums and a powerful voice very influenced by Matt Barlow. I liked the way they combined this aggressiveness stuff (almost thrash metal) and melodic lines, like in “Hellhounds”, where I find really astonishing choruses. My favorite “Rotten Cross” is a truly homage to the Rock monsters from 70’s, such as DIO, BLACK SABBATH and DEEP PURPLE. The keyboards fit excellent on this track, giving a vintage touch with the “Hammond” sound a la Jon Lord. The band has released a new album called “In Death we Trust” this year. (Don’t confuse with PROHIBITORY’s old album) – Victor Varas

P.S. On the Official Webpage you can download two more songs from this album.

Official Web Page

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