EXTERMINIO Fanzine Issue 4 (Mexico) Review

Exterminio Zine review at Zombie Ritual Fanzine

EXTERMINIO Fanzine Issue 4 (Mexico) Review

The editor Diego is a young man coming from Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, and his personal worship to the underground stuff is noticeable since the cover art. I must say that he has a good taste on metal music, and on every issue he delivers only great bands, and great underground stuff, with guts and passionate work. His style of writing is funny and entertaining (although I know some persons who don’t get it, and they still having a moron attitude, and that sucks!). Anyway, the work is excellent and he mostly chats with Mexican bands, such as: SOLDIERY, ATOLINGA RECORDS, EVIL ENTOURAGE, FUNERAL MOON, RAPED GOD, EMPIRE DARKNESS and DISASTER (Germany). Of course, all of these interviews are done with relaxed attitude and underground feeling, so, you will have an immediately click with the texts. The review section is huge and the editor is very participative and somehow visceral at his statements. It seems to know all the material (he plays it over and over again before he writes the review). Also I liked the way he sometimes gives a different point of view to bands I don’t like, and I have to hear them again, and that’s OK. Support this Mexican fanzine! (It is written in Spanish) – Zineaholic

Contact: exterminio_zine (arroba) hotmail.com

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