ANGEL DE METAL (Mexico) Review

Angel de Metal Grita Libertad Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

ANGEL DE METAL “Grita Libertad”

Allory Records

Is always a pleasure reviewing the productions of these people. I’ve known both Miguel and Karla since a long time ago and I can affirm that they are two true warriors of metal, and they have done a hard job promoting the national heavy metal scene by publishing magazines, promoting underground shows, etc. This is the second album their own band and I think they’ve increased musical level a lot since the “Fuego Eterno” years. I like them very much, because beyond being a traditional heavy metal band, they develop every song in a strong style with quite melodic and epic riffs, and Miguel sings really good lyrics. And this is one of the singular aspects of the band, the theme of the lyrics are in the mood of social denouncements, humankind’s crude reality, and all that freedom’s yelling, which fit more on a punkish band. They manage to mix these topics with strong heavy metal riffs and a powerful midrange voice (no cat screaming). On this album they also include for the first time lyrics in English language, like “Depression” which delivers good guitar riffs, with guts and strong roots on 80’s style, And, on “Fuerza Interior” song, Christian Bertoncelli from the Argentinean RENACER collaborates doing some amazing vocals. It’s a pretty good album of strong heavy metal, recommended for followers of Mexican new wave. As extra info, the last track in the album is a cover version of “Burn in Hell” song from TWISTED SISTER. – Victor Varas

Contact: Official Myspace

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